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Every time you make a sales presentation… craft a resume… try to persuade anyone about anything… there's one question you simply must answer: SO WHAT?

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That’s what the people you're talking to care about. That's what they need to know. Tell them that — quickly, convincingly, powerfully — and watch them respond by saying, “I love it, I want it, and I’ll buy it.” Knowing this is one thing. Doing it — that’s something else altogether. In this book, Mark Magnacca shows you exactly how to do it — every single time.

Below are the breakthrough techniques Magnacca's taught to thousands of the world's top salespeople… techniques that make average persuaders into great ones and great persuaders into legends. You’ll use these skills nonstop: to sell better, achieve more, grow your business, inspire your colleagues, improve your relationships, and transform your life!

  • Refocus on your audience and stay focused on them automatically — Master the new communication habits that can supercharge your effectiveness.
  • The “So What Test”: What it is and how to use it — How to make sure everything you say matters to the people you're talking to.
  • Create your own “So What Positioning Statement” — Don't just differentiate yourself — make yourself fascinating
  • Not all benefits are created equal — Focus on the benefits that make the deepest emotional connection
  • From George Lucas to Steve Jobs to Ronald Reagan — Practical, usable lessons from the world’s greatest communicators.

Buy So What? today so you are never guilty of producing a “So what?” response ever again. You may order So What: How to Communicate What Really Matters to your Audience (FT Press, June 2009) from Amazon.

World — renowned sales consultant Mark Magnacca shows you how to answer the “So What?” question brilliantly, every time — no matter who's asking it or what you’re trying to achieve. This book will transform the way you communicate: You’ll use it every day to get what you want, in business and in life!

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Praise for So What? This book shows you how to make an instant connection based on trust and respect with each person you meet, faster and easier than you ever thought possible. — Brian Tracy, Author of The Power of Charm

About the author- Mark Magnacca

MARK MAGNACCA is President of Insight Development Group, a leading sales training, coaching, and consulting company that helps top sales and management teams become even more effective. He is also President of Allego, a Boston-based software company that develops a revolutionary video-based sales learning platform that is changing the way global organizations train and enable their sales teams. His clients have included EMC, Pacific Life, Pioneer Investments, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and a wide range of executives and entrepreneurs around the world.

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Magnacca is author of The Product Is You, a book that has helped thousands of financial advisors create a personal brand and effectively articulate their value proposition. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, on CNN, Fox, ABC News, and MTV. He speaks to thousands of people each year as a keynote presenter and seminar leader.

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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful. I wish I had read So What? earlier in my sales career. — Ed Cosgrove, EMC New Hire Program Manager

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Interview with Mark Magnacca

In this interview, Mark Magnacca, world renowned sales consultant, shares insights and strategies so that you can answer the “So What?” question brilliantly, every time – no matter who’s asking it or what you’re trying to achieve.

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  1. The Pompeii Sales Secret (9:39)
  2. CSI to the Rescue (9:34)
  3. Let me tell you a story (10:09)
  4. Why Frank Sinatra connected (15:14)
  5. Authenticity – Are you the real deal? (5:24)

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21 Day Challenge

Thanks for agreeing to take the 21 Day Challenge that I described on page 124 of the book. Although the book was written in 2009, a lot has changed since then. When I was writing the book, we felt that sending you a series of short e-mails each day for 21 days would help reinforce the principles you learned in the book. With the advent of social media sites, I have learned there is a better way.

This means the 21 daily email program has been replaced and upgraded. It has become an ongoing learning experience, supported by Facebook posts, the ability to comment publicly and learn from other readers, and an invitation to join our So What movement. So you won’t be getting 21 emails in the next 3 week. Instead, we’ve learned that there are 5 key activities that can reinforce your learning and propel your business.

  1. Listen to the free audio interview. Jordan Rich of WBZ Radio interviews me and I think you’ll really enjoy it.
  2. Download the free sample positioning statements, available at this web site. Then develop your own positioning statement. And post it to our Facebook page if you want. We promise to review it and add comments.
  3. Download the free personal biography generator, also available at this web site. Complete your own personal biography. Post it on your website, and feel free to post it on our Facebook page. We’ll look it over.
  4. Share a So What story at on Facebook. Tell us what you learned, what has worked, and how your prospects and customers have responded to your new style. For some of the best positioning statements, personal biographies, and success stories, those that capture the spirit of So What and follow the process, we’ll be designating them “So What Tested” and sending a gift.
  5. Tell someone else about So What. Use what you’ve learned to explain the benefits to them, and invite them to join the movement.

You can continue to be engaged with us in other ways, too. Visit our Facebook page, and sign up to be added to our mailing list. We will NEVER sell the list, and we don’t even use it to send out a newsletter. But when new things are happening, we’ll be able to keep you informed.

Thanks for reading So What? How to Communicate What Really Matters to Your Audience. You may have finished the book, but you’re only beginning the journey.

The 21 day challenge has been discontinued, but if you would like additional education or training, visit

– Mark Magnacca

The Product Is You Audio Book

Download Complete PDF of The Product Is You — Download all 158 pages (about 8Mb) of the complete book.

Audio Interview

Are you ready to gain the competitive advantage by building your own personal brand? In this exclusive audio interview, business building coach and author, Mark Magnacca uncovers the formula that will set you apart from your competitors. Join interviewer and host, communications expert Mark Mills as he explores Mark Magnacca's ground breaking book,
The Product Is You.

Listen to the Product Is You book interview

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  1. The Introduction (0:28)
  2. Your Most Important Resource (7:07)
  3. Who Is Ralph Lifshitz (2:25)
  4. Top Gun Breaks The Barrier (7:58)
  5. The Problem With Winging It (5:33)
  6. Power Of An Elevator Speech (3:31)
  7. Personal IPO (3:05)
  8. Creating Instant Credibility (9:43)


Article: Finding a Hook for Client Communications (PDF)

As a marketing communications expert and PR professional, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to communicate effectively — both for myself and for the advisors with whom I work. For years, I've challenged my team's copywriting, graphic design, and marketing ideas with a brisk “So what? Who cares?” or “What's in it for the reader? Why should they read this now?” In fact, one of the reasons my team is so successful pitching story ideas and placing bylined articles is due to this constant mindset that constantly challenges and asks “why would anybody but us (or our client) care about this piece? Why should an editor publish this now?” To read more download the full article.
-Excerpt from “Finding a Hook for Client Communications”, by Marie Swift

So what? Book Reviews

“Whether talking with one person or addressing 1000, everyone can benefit from learning how to more effectively land our messages. So What? offers a simple, profound process that leads to quickly developing rapport and connecting with one's listeners — every time!”
— Barbara A. Culver, CFP, ChFC, CLU, AEP, Resonate, Inc., Purposeful Planning

Mark Magnacca's message is important for everyone, but especially for those of us in the financial services industry. In today's environment, knowing how to communicate effectively with clients is essential for their benefit and for ours. For example, ask yourself whether you've adequately explained to your clients the concept of risk…then go out and buy this book.”
— Geoff Davey, President, FinaMetrica

“In today's ever-competitive world, it is not enough to offer a superior service. You need superior communications skills so your message gets out. Mark Magnacca helps you be heard with the advice in his effective new book So What?”
— Richard Ferri, CEO Portfolios Solutions, LLC

So What? delivers! It's about time we have a book that shows us step-by-step how to act on the wisdom that 'It's all about the customer (or audience or prospect), not us.' In clear, concrete, and compelling language, Mark Magnacca guides us in crafting the message that authentically links our offerings to the audience's real needs and leads them to say 'Tell me more.' Read this book, cut through the complexity of client courtship, gain more of your ideal customers, and enjoy your work. That's the So What Benefit!”
– Ed Jacobson, Ph.D., Author of Appreciative Moments

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Everything you want exists just beyond your comfort zone. The So What Mindset will help you get there and make this new way of thinking a part of your daily experience.
— Robert Kiltz M.D., Founder and Director, CNY Fertility Center

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This book will transform the way you communicate and shows you how to answer the “So What?” question brilliantly, every time. You'll use it every day to get what you want in business and in life!

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